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Points eBuyWines.com

Regulations of eBuyWines.com loyalty program (valid from 14/11/2014).

How can I participate in the points reward program of eBuyWines.com?

eBuyWines.com Points reward system is a program of EBUYWINES, S.L. created to award the loyalty of all clients purchasing at our online store www.eBuyWines.com. By purchasing online you can collect eBuyWines.com Points that can be used in the purchase of any of the products in our Gift List valid at the moment of the exchange.

How can I get eBuyWines.com Points?

Collecting eBuyWines.com Points is very simple. After purchasing at our online store for each 1€ of the amount purchased in products will be turned into 5 eBuyWines.com Points, except in those offers or promotions which so indicate. The points will be stored on your personal account once the payment has been verified and should the purchase not be cancelled.

How can I purchase using eBuyWines.com Points?

You can get any of the products in our current Gifts List by using the eBuyWines.com Points in your account whenever you have enough to cover both the chosen gift all other costs, including the shipping costs.
eBuyWines.com Points never expire. Therefore you can accumulate as many points as you wish until you get enough to collect the gift you like.

General terms of the program

In the event a gift is no longer in stock, the chosen gift will either be replaced with a new one with similar characteristics or the points purchase will be cancelled.
The prices and conditions of the gifts will be valid at every moment except misprint.
Purchasing with ebuywines.com Points does not accumulate any new points.
The points a customer acquires are associated to an identification client bounded and are therefore personal and cannot be transferred to a person other than the existing member.
EBUYWINES, S.L. reserves the right to alter and modify the list of gifts and the conditions without prior notification.
EBUYWINES, S.L. reserves the right to cancel, suspend and modify the norms and conditions. Should this happen EBUYWINES, S.L. undertakes to communicate it in a proper way through the usual communication channels with our clients.
Purchases made through third parties will not earn points.
This program is regulated by the terms and conditions stated in this document and using the eBuyWines.com fidelity program will be considered as an acceptation of these terms, as well as the Terms of Service.