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Purity Vodka

Purity Vodka

Producer: Purity Vodka
Zone: Sweden
Capacity: 70 Cl.
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Reviews of Purity Vodka

Purity Vodka is the result of the multi awarded master blender Thomas Kuuttanen's quest to develop the world's finest ultra premium vodka. After a decade of redefining the original recipe for Purity Vodka, he has finally achieved to redefine this vodka different to all the others with a maximum of character, full-bodied and smooth taste. It is made exclusively from natural ingredients including estate grown wheat and barley.
Purity is not made to please everyone. It is full-bodied, complex and with character yet, smooth and sophisticated.
Purity Vodka is elaborated in a proprietary pot still at the Purity Vodka Distillery at Ellinge Castle in the south of Sweden. During the thirty-four distillations, ninety percent of the liquid is lost. The remaining spirit is so pure that no filtration is necessary, leaving all the natural flavours and character in the vodka.

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