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CÓroc Vodka

CÓroc Vodka

Producer: CÓroc Vodka
Zone: France
Capacity: 70 Cl.
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Reviews of CÓroc Vodka

CIROC celebrates the uncommon; starting with the uniqueness of its grape composition, to the innovative cold fermentation and maceration techniques. Historically, vodka has been made from a natural and local source of fermentables sugars and starches. Unlike grain, grapes do not need heat to release their sugars, so CIROC uses cold maceration, cold fermentation and cold storage processes. This technique further preserves its distinctive freshness and shows a more flavourful combination of the fruit character, showing thus subtle aromatics and a smooth, naturally refined taste.
The name "CIROC" comes from the combination of two French words: "Cime", meaning summit-top and "Roche", meaning rock. Its name makes reference to the high-altitude vineyards where the Mauzac Blanc grapes are grown, and the stony village walls of the famous medieval Cordes-sur-Ciel looking onto the vineyards.
The complexity of the distilled grapes draws out and complements the flavours of whatever CÎROC is mixed with. It shows a distinctly clean finish and absence of alcohol burn, having thus the most celebrated vodka cocktail experience.

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